Chinese Connect

Chinese Connect

The limits of my language abilities are the limits of my universe.

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

China is now a formidable economic giant, and it is becoming increasingly advantageous for children to learn the Chinese language. With a country as big as China, it is inevitable that there are many forms of spoken language (dialects) that differ dramatically. An interesting fact about the Chinese language is that despite being so big there is only ONE written form. What this means is that even though the spoken language is unintelligible to people who speak different dialects, they are still able to communicate via the written form.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the official languages of Singapore and the United Nations. It is the most widely-spoken language in the world and a person who can speak the language has the ability to speak with millions of people around the world.

Conducted by proficient native speakers, our Chinese Connect works at laying a firm foundation in Chinese language acquisition which will enable a child to speak, read and write in Chinese. Focus begins with the acquisition of sufficient proficiency to express himself on most topics pertinent to everyday life; to comprehensive coverage of oral, reading and writing skills critical for higher learning and mastery the language for professional purposes.

Some areas covered are:

  • Speaking – includes the four tones,
  • Pinyin – Romanized system of the Chinese Language,
  • Writing – from simple stroke to word master,
  • Reading – critically and for comprehension.